Of course she brought the macaroni salad
And there's the uncle who's always at the grill
There's a heated game of bocce in the distance
As the aunts discuss the colors of their hair
And the younger cousins are running round in circles
Chasing who or what nobody can quite tell
As the older ones are gathered where they keep the beer
Saying words about the weather or the game

Cuz when you only see each other twice a year
You don't grow close, you only grow old
But even if we're faking it, it's better than a holiday alone

Now it's time for grandpa to remind me about Jesus
'Cuz that's who saved him from his drunken haze
As he proudly leads the prayer before we cut the meat
While we pretend we do this every day
And the aunt who probably will not be here next year
Is telling me don't ever get divorced
And maybe next year I'll meet her replacement
To whom I'll say the same things as before


from Greetings From The Peach District, released May 9, 2009



all rights reserved


Trains Across the Sea Columbus, Ohio

Trains Across the Sea is the musical output of Andy Gallagher.

He also co-wrote "SEMI FAME: The Truck Route to Broadway."

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