What I'd like to be the anthem of Columbus, summer 2009.


The seven grain organic wheat bread is covered with mold
Screw the gas bill, I've got blankets for when it gets cold
If we sit by the window, the internet's free
Let's lock our bikes to the no parking sign, cuz I like the irony

Hey Jason pour us some doubles
Let the weekend begin
And if all goes right, by the end of the night
We're eating gyros and cheese sticks in our beds

Sometimes when we go to parties we know the people we see
Other times we take over the kitchen, and just drink for free
If we buy a cup of their coffee, the internet's free
Maybe I should go back to college, grab another degree

And in the mornings it’s coffee
And in the evenings it’s beer
And if all goes right, by the end of our lives
We’re still twisting again like we will this year


from Greetings From The Peach District, released May 9, 2009
Carolyn Dever: trumpet
Cole Miller: trombone



all rights reserved


Trains Across the Sea Columbus, Ohio

Trains Across the Sea is the musical output of Andy Gallagher.

He also co-wrote "SEMI FAME: The Truck Route to Broadway."

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