What were you doing when they changed the sign from Larry's into Señor Buckeyes?
I was with the girl I thought would be my wife.

What did you do when the money went away? What did you buy and how did you pay?
Your grandson wants to know.

If I never meet the man who makes my shoes, how will I know the cobbler's blues?
And now which shoes should I buy?

If you think that you would be a happier guy if you changed your place or you
changed your time, remember it's all in your mind.

I can't change yesterday, but I can change today.

You can believe the news isn't true and everything will go back to
"normal" real soon, but thinkin' about what's gone will get you down.

Well I don't mind if you don't mind and if you don't mind then I don't mind and if
that's fine, please pass the wine.

I can't change yesterday, but i can change today.

Now that we can do anything, what do we do?


from Greetings From The Peach District, released May 9, 2009
Anna Sudac: vocals



all rights reserved


Trains Across the Sea Columbus, Ohio

Trains Across the Sea is the musical output of Andy Gallagher.

He also co-wrote "SEMI FAME: The Truck Route to Broadway."

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