It's been almost a year since you asked me out and I don't mind saying
that since then we've been quite happy together
But now you're going after that second degree in a brand new apartment
in a brand new city nine hours away
And I can't decide if I should quit my job
and leave my friends and follow you anywhere

It's enough to make a man pop the question at hand,
half out of love and half out of fear of being alone
Because by the time my parents were the age that I'm now
they had stood in a church and said "Till death do us part,"
but they're still alive
And even though I don't think we should take the plunge, I do know
that I don't want to lose you

Take some time and run away with me
Take some time and run away with me
Before we get old and wear elastic pants,
Let's give ourselves a summer of pure romance
So please run away with me

But I chose to stay and you chose to go and I'm still in that apartment
you used to call home, but now you don't
And yeah, "the new roommate's cool" and "how is school"
and "of course I think about you sometimes when I'm alone,"
like I am now
And though the friends are fine and we have some fun,
I'm tired of going to their weddings alone


from Greetings From The Peach District, released May 9, 2009
Kevin Ashba: piano
Rob Denomme: violin, mandolin
Anna Sudac: vocals



all rights reserved


Trains Across the Sea Columbus, Ohio

Trains Across the Sea is the musical output of Andy Gallagher.

He also co-wrote "SEMI FAME: The Truck Route to Broadway."

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